Vice President

​​Corvette Of Choice originated from a group of guys, all corvette owners.  They would meet, wash the cars, polish them, wipe them some more and then ride through different communities showing them off.  As the group would travel through different communities they saw a need to help those less fortunate.  From that a motto was created which we follow today;

 "To be actively involved in the community and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves".

As other corvette owners saw what they were doing, more and more joined.  We now have over 60 active members and growing every month.  Keeping with our motto to help others, we donate book bags to schools,  food boxes to needy families for Thanksgiving & Christmas and host  Christmas toy giveaway with Santa Claus and his elf.

We provide transportation to dignitaries and others when there is a parade, especially the MLK parades in Compton, Los Angeles, Gardena, and Hawthorne which included providing transportation for the Orange County Black History and Cultural Affair this past year.

We participate in the Peace Rides organized by Reverend Powe, in an effort to curb violence amongst ourselves as well as injustices to minorities.

Most of these efforts are funded by our two annual dances, one in June and the other in November.